A Tank of Weak Coffee

and a bouquet of cilantro

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Why, yes! I WOULD like to help myself to another quesadilla, thank you.
I've been scheduled a short work week, but I'm picking up random hours here and there. I filled out a credit card application at Core First, and Nate (my mega-cool banker buddy) gave me a heads-up as soon as he found out I was approved. So, yay! That'll take care of the emergency fund in the road-trip budget, so I'm good to go. :D

Timber and I have been training recently for Parkour; just twice, so far: DDR and a run down the street. It's alright, I suppose. I need to get myself into a more strict training schedule. It's good running (and 'dancing') with friends, though, 'cos it becomes more fun than internet and Banjo Kazooie. :P So it actually gets done that way.

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Treat that credit card a little like the nuclear option (If you use it, we all die). Credit cards are filled with all kinds of traps and quick sand, all of which are designed to indenture you for life.

I hear that from my mum all the time. I think I'll be careful. Thanks for the warning.

ooo, i think i remember watching something about this once on TV

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