A Tank of Weak Coffee

and a bouquet of cilantro

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No Spoilers.
I went over to Mann's Chinese Theater with Friend Aaron to watch Inception, and I love it.  I'm gonna have to see it again, to see if what I think is foreshadowing is really foreshadowing, and to what depth.  Also, I want to see it again 'cos it was excellent! :D

I picked up my ex-coworkers full-time schedule; he got himself terminated by not showing up to work in a week.  He probably got another job in that new grocery store, SmartCo, that has opened up.  Hopefully I'll be able to start saving for things, now, like a car, and the necessary transportation to Pennsylvania for Pam's wedding. 

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You went to LA to see a movie?

Hey, I'll go see Inception with you! :D

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