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Back from California
I have not posted in a long time.  I shall update as best I can, before I have to leave for work.  :P

Timber, Nick, and I left for California on May 14th.  We drove down to Albuquerque, NM, and crashed at their brother's place. We drove west the next morning, arriving at the Grand Canyon just before the sun decided to set. It was nice. We stayed in Flagstaff for the night, then drove south to Out of Africa Wildlife Park.  This park was really tight. It was difficult to get good pictures here, though, as all the predators were behind chain-link fences.

We drove further west to San Diego, arriving late at night.  We checked out Mission Beach with a few of Nick's friends, the San Diego Zoo, and LegoLand.  We also walked downtown and along the bay, which was pleasant.

Then we drove up along the coast ( That was fun. :D ), and camped at a KOA and a redwood forest for the remainder of the trip.

All in all, it was most excellent!  Somewhat insightful, too.  I think I figured out why I haven't shifted in, eh, far too long.  Working on that.

And, wow, I finally finished LOST Season 6!  It was epic and ... confusing.  Go figure.

Timber showed me how to change oil and rotate tires.  I learned how to fix the air compressor nozzle when you lose the little ball bearings that hold the attachments in place.  x.x  I was changing the tube in my rear tire, because it exploded.  It took a while to get everything off, and replaced, then back on again.  I went to inflate it with the compressor, and it filled up the tube too fast and popped it.    I should have known better.  :P  Eh, well, I have another tube, and I will likely have it changed twice as fast next time.

I'm tight on cash at the moment.  Interest on student loans can go do itself.
I leave you all on that pleasant note.   :p


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