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Hmmm... I think I have a problem.
I critically evaluate other people's splurge habits.  I think it's rooted in a jealousy of financial income, planning, and/or stability.
I do splurge, at times, like buying up that Zork CD at Goodwill or eating several meals at restaurants, but they come at the expense of something else, like my road trip budget (the only thing I have a budget for, really).

So, do y'all have budgets? Do you follow them?  How do you prepare for splurge buys?
I gotta get off my butt and do something so I can manage my money better.

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we have a budget of about $200 dollars for 2 people for foodstuffs each month, we cook and eat at home and its amazing how good the food we make tastes and little your able to live on if you plan your meals out ahead of time and make some sorta food like a spaghetti that you freeze into portion sized containers. and make yourself using ground beef, cans of sauce, canned tomatoes, a bit of tomato paste and italian spices rather than bottles of pre-prepped sauces. We also may do a homemade chili too.

If were in a pinch and need something quick for the night we simply thaw one out and boil noodles. Voila dinner is served.

As for living on next to no money I known people that lived on ramen or fried rice for sustenance. It can be done but its not the most healthy choice, and TV dinners but those contain way to much sodium.

Personally when budgeting its best to try to keep your health as its too precious to let slip to save a few dollars. No just adapt your food budget to contain more home cooked meals rather than restaurants and use generic brands occassionally. Stay away from high salt foods too.

Drink tap water rather than bottled especially in Denver where the Water Quality ranks amongst the top in the country and cut back on sugary substances that are overpriced and taxed. I would say collect cans for cash but at .20 a lb it isn't worth the effort. If ya don't like the water buy a flavorant like powder rather than pre mixed and bottle sold drinks.

Here another reason why I feel guilty when I buy things for myself...

I have a set amount for food each month which I stick to any worry about constantly. If I can't eat, I can't draw, so it's a very high priority.

Right now, I wanted to help my mother with expenses, but she says I shouldn't until my loans need to be paid. So, my food budget is for food and utilities (bank in NC), while my paychecks from work (which arne't very big anyway) are for saving and extra things(bank in CO). Like the ps3 from yesterday (I talked it over with my mother, just in case she needed the money first). I guess I just kind of feel out my purchases, asking my self, "do I need it, or just want it." I tend to drop the wants a lot of the time.

Can't say I'm excellent with money, but I'm doing my best...thats all anyone can do. I just try to stay away from impulsive buying, and take time to really think about what I'm buying, might not work for everyone though...

I was doing good budgeting. I don't like shopping for people at Christmas time though, gets expensive >.< Like this past Christmas, shopped for almost everyone, then after Christmas, my hours at work were cut, then had car troubles and rent to pay, and ever since then I haven't been in that "safe and secure" area of how much money i'd like to see in my bank. I want to budget my food and "other necessities" more carefully now.

I know, I know, i just went out and bought a camera...BUT it's been something i've been wanting to invest in for awhile, and sorta had money saved up for it. SOOO, it was $70 off, and i get to mail in a rebate, so i decided to go for it, since the $70 off ended this past saturday, and the rebate won't last too much longer, so need to fill that out.

...i think i went on a tangent..gah, sorry!!

anywho..i know i need to budget my stuff better...

Pam, you never told me exactly what kind of camera you got!

oh, and aparently, i dont get a rebate.. >.< it's only if i buy the camera AND a printer UGH

I don't really have a budget, except for tithing. But I haven't worked in a year, and with my trip and the con coming up this summer even that will have to go. So my budget is more like "only spend what you REALLY need".

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