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First good con in a long time - RMFC '13
Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2013

I stopped by the hotel on Thursday to confirm my pre-registration and get my con badge, then I went back home. On Friday after work, I came back for festivities. Over the past several cons, things have happened between friends and I, and I generally had a bummer of a weekend. And while this time, there was still remnants of my recent bastardism, I didn't let that ruin my con via depression or shame; and I gave people space I'm sure they needed. I kind of feel bad about dinner on the last day, I feel like me being there caused others to skip out on it. :/ There were plenty of other friends there to socialize with, plenty of other people to meet. The first table I ran into in the Dealer's Den was Blacklight Fusion.  Bones and Stray were helping Lawnface (autocorrect inside joke) with her table, and I talked with the two of them. Bones was watching Digimon on Netflix, neat. I gave the African wild dog plush from Kail to Stray, then I gave the pink hyena purse to Laken. I didn't get the reaction I expected, I guess that's good. She stayed professional. At first she looked confused, almost -trying- to be angry, but then she laughed and wore a sincere smile. So that threw me off. She took it, and I walked away. I half expected her to sell it, but I heard she gave it to one of her friends. Hmm. I met up with a few other artists I knew, like Franki and Spikes, and caught up with them before heading elsewhere around the con.

I attended a lot of panels, truth, but I left early from pretty much all of them. Furoticon Basics, Poi Fundamentals, Therian Meet, Feline Meet*, the Improv Group, the Boffer LARP group, the Saturday night dance, the fursuit parade, Casino Night, the Voice Auction. I wanted to hit up the Parkour Meet, 2 Gryphon's comedy routine, and Kyell Gold's writing and editing panels, but I missed them due to food or socializing. I found a tail for Bones, who was stuck behind a dealer's table all weekend, and she was excited. I talked with some furs I haven't seen in such a long time, like Leon, from Arizona, Coda and Shorty from Lakewood, I think, Megan, and Connor, among others! Wolf introduced me to Bri, aka Magpie Bones. She is neat. I brought my Nintendo 3DS, which has a function in sleep mode, it will tag other local 3DS' that you walk past and swap system and game information. So now, after the con, in Animal Crossing, I am checking out a lot of their houses, and trading puzzle pieces in the Mii Plaza. Pretty neat. Kail showed up a few times at the con, though he wasn't attending, and we met up and smoked a few times and talked. Wolf and I got some grub in the hotel restaurant. I ordered a tomato and arugula flatbread, which was megatasty, and Wolf ordered a Mediterranean pita plate. I ran into Jam a few times around the con, both in and out of her sloth fursuit. She was so entertaining in suit, and she made me smile so much.

(*Ah, the feline meet. There was so much exaggerated energy. I felt so out of place.)

At one point during the weekend, I walked to a Goodwill a few blocks away. Kail and I were in there earlier that week, and I ran into a cute employee. I didn't get his number, though, and I was kinda bummed about that. But I walked there over the con, and ran into him on his lunch break, and we decided to get lunch the next day. But it didn't happen, so we planned on dinner, and that didn't happen. So, famished as I was from skipping meals, Wolf and Spikes and I went to get barbecue after the con on Sunday. Well, on my way back from Goodwill, there was a heavy rainstorm, and I got soaked. My hoody was drenched, so Led let me borrow one he brought. It is small and purple, but it fit my chest and shoulders right. It was only short in the sleeves, so I rolled them up. I liked it.

I didn't get many things there. I donated some money to the charity we sponsored, and got a few ribbons for that, for my conbadge. I bought a book of short stories, a deck of neat playing cards, some glow sticks at the dance. I also ordered a wide leather bracelet from Lagarto; it will have those Xs all across it, just like the ones in all those lion pictures. My main money sink this weekend went to the charity auction. All auction pieces started out in a silent auction, but once they hit 5 bids, they went to a voice auction held on the last day of the con. The piece I bid on went to voice auction, so. I bought it at a high price. This is what I bought, actually: Mata Emas, by Idess. It's in a beautiful matte and frame, too; I will post a pictograph once it's hung on the wall.

For dinner on Saturday, I picked up some fast food at Sonic, and washed it down with an energy drink. Immediately afterwards, I went to the dance with Led, where all the bouncing and jumping and shuffling and dancing and waving churned all the goodness in my stomach, and made me sick. So after a while, I left the dance to cool off and not be sick anymore, when I heard drums down the hall. I walked toward the sound, and found three people with different kinds of drums sitting against the wall in the secondary lobby. I sat across from them, and lost myself in the beat. There was something beautiful in the earthy percussion. Up to this point, this whole weekend, I was mostly p. shifted, but now, completely relaxed, full mental and p. shift in the meditation. It was beautiful, such a long drought beforehand, ended by a trio of drummers.

I met a girl there in the lobby and in the Therianthropy panel, and who sat down with us and the drummers, who I wanted to talk to more. The whole reason I went to the panel was to meet more therians, but I never did get her contact info. She goes by Taiga. Can't seem to find her online.

Anyway, overall I had a fantastic time! Sure there were downers ("All the other furries are stealing my extremely common name! WAAAH!" and "OMFG This place is like totally such a total bore. There's totally like no energy vibe like in all the like clubs like around and HAVE I TOTALLY TOLD YOU IM LIKE SODRUNK RIHGTN OW?!") But I stood and walked away from them midconversation before they could saturate my good times with their drama. I met new people, talked with old friends, got some shiny new things and stuff, gave so many gifts, and made so many memories! I am excited to go net year! :D

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Sounds like a good time, glad you were able to enjoy a meal with some friends and were able to attend a few panels that likened to your interests.

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